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My Life as a Fangirl

Fangirling is hard

28 February
I love the Asian culture! I love anime and Dramas. They have basically taken over my life. My favorites are Kimi wa Petto, Devil beside me, Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango, Coffee Prince, Your Beautiful, and Majo no Joken. Jpop/Rock and Korean hip hop also have a strong hold on my life. My favorite bands are Arashi, NewS, Acid Black Cherry, Abingdon Boys School, Gackt,and Big Bang. I listen to them all daily and drive my poor husband crazy. I guess theres no way around it....I'm a Fangirl. I talk about my love for these bands and the boys in them *sigh* with my two close friends and together we form "The Squee".